Pré-venda: Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco: Aiolia de Leão – D.D.Panoramation

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As the Golden Saint third person to DDPANORAMATION, "Miya Shishi of flash" Leo Aioria appeared !!

Of May released "DDPANORAMATION Pegasus Seiya - Pegasus Meteor Fist -" "DDPANORAMATION Gemini Saga - between the Pope -" and, released in June, "DDPANORAMATION Virgo Shaka - virgin temple -" By combining with, it spreads further view of the world.
- Three-dimensional-to-use comes with a large force of Lightning plasma effect parts.
• In exchange for kumite parts (left and right), reproduce the scene of the thousand days war of the "Virgo Shaka" (sold separately)!
· "DDPANORAMATION Pegasus Seiya - Pegasus Meteor Fist -" recreate the battle scene in the lion temple by combining a (sold separately).

Action figures and rich new concept figure brand to create a "world" in structure parts.
Reproduce the world of character to your desktop size by about 10cm action figure.

■ Product Specifications
Height: about 100mm (PVC body)
Material: ABS, PVC

■ Set Contents
Figure body
• Replacement face parts two
Mask non-mounting bangs
• Replacement wrist (left and right)
• Replacement kumite parts (left and right)
Lightning plasma effect parts set
- One large pedestal
And small pedestal one
- Partial destruction pillar two
Clip (small)
Structure parts set (runner assembly type)

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